Not afraid to believe

This is a unitarian hymn. If you want the lyrics email a hundred dollars to allegra sloman at the house of gmail. This is not a sign I believe in god…. it’s just a hymn.

If you are wondering what’s happening, I think a lot of unitarian musicians are sockholes about copyright, so I’m asserting my right to be pissy about that by demanding money the way they do.

walkies with OTTERS

Two decades I’ve been going to Deer Lake Park and this was the first time I’ve ever seen otters. I’ve seen their slides a million times, but not them. They looked me right in the face. I thought my soul had been yoinked up to heaven, I was so happy. And do you know where they were? WHERE THEY COULD BE SEEN WHEN WE GOT OUT OF THE CAR.

Now that’s Mother Nature excelling at yanking my chain.

Jeff got to see one too.