I release myself

I hereby release myself from having to do weekly anything posts (I will when I feel like it), and all I’m going to concentrate on, since I’m doing OK not great, is posting tunes… and I did that today so progress has been made. Also, I think I have within me a much more detailed guitar accompaniment for Sisyphus.  Also I fired off the entire chapter Best Roommate in the World with a teaser for The Three of Us   … being the next chapter … to mOm. I’ve been writing a lot.

Jeff is helping me with my taxes again, which is really great, I only waited two years this time.

There’s a lot of snow. Jeff has dealt with it so far. I will look at it in the morning to see if my shovelling skills are required.

hurry hurry love

If someone wants the lyrics I’ll write them out. I’m way fonder of this song than I should be, and the lyrics are quite deliberately obtuse and goofy and bighearted. I have never sung it since I recorded it, except to sing along with the recording and invent new harmonies; isn’t that funny? it’s as if once it’s recorded it’s in an emotional mausoleum.