Very pleasant to see Tammy (she was wearing the LionessElise jewel I gave her) and she covered my taxi rides and gave me some book tips. The Air bnb was and end unit and had one of the strangest (but effective) layouts I think I’ve ever seen in an apartment. Nice location though, and quiet. We got food from Sula, which was uniformly excellent, the samosas were like heaven.

The pandemic sure is affecting people’s mental health everywhere. I had two masks on most of the time I was out although I had to remove them while I bolted my food.

Came home and collapsed, pretty much. Fantastic letter from Lois, she and Bobby have a new dog and it’s LOVE for ROJELIO, whose name means ‘request’. Also her comments about being on a church board rang so true I dropped into a funk considering her words (a thinking funk, not an unhappy one.)

It continues to surprise me when I open up my blog and there are all these POSTS that I do not actually remember doing the work on, until I vaguely do. I mean, the tapioca song is in June.

Expanse is done for this year. Another great season, and Naomi the Belter and her ‘Belter ingenuity’, wow.

We’re coming to the end of Time Team, and it maketh me sad, I can’t imagine us finding something that big to watch again anytime soon unless we take on corry street or dr. who or a telenovela.

NO CRUISE SHIPS IN BC UNTIL FEBRUARY 2022 and I feel sorry for people in the biz but it’s a safety issue, truly.

Scorn Daphne Bramham.



SO, who is my model not model but yes model for Slider? but no I actually wrote Slider before I knew about Radam. On Instagram @radamridwan on twitter @radamridwan – a writer, a model, a legend, and although Slider is a little more academic and a lot less colourful and more comfort oriented (and more into bodily modesty ha ha), when I think about a fabulous non binary transgender person with more attitude than one can pack in a steamer trunk….. they’re the them.