The Cairn

Well once he was her lover but now
he’s just a pile of rocks
and she has to move them one at a time
to get to whatever she wants
and the nights she’s cried and called him cruel
his answer is always the same
if your life is not all that you would have wished
you’ve none but yourself to blame

The time that she’s spent on what he wants to do
she finds she’s resenting it still
and he has no duty to repay the debt
she did it of her own free will
and she won’t think of leaving though sometimes it seems
like the only real option she has
so she’ll stay where she’s known some small comfort and calm
and not run away from her past

This one’s for Paul of course. You cannot imagine how nervelessly angry I was when I wrote this.

And it lands different, after #metoo, don’t it.

And of course Paul’s a different person now. The shit I’m twitting him about here maybe happened, but it isn’t who he is anymore, and hasn’t been for years and years.