kaossilator notes

This won’t mean anything to anyone who doesn’t have an early model yellow Korg Kaossilator

new tune:


Play starts in the exact middle. Slide fingers between the top right and bottom left corners of the touch screen. Describe acute triangles with your finger. Go wild. After a couple of minutes park your finger just to the right of the top middle and leave it there til fadeout.

‘cheerful cheerful movement’

Not a lazy day

It’s just coming up on one pm. I worked on the letter for Alex; three loads of laundry including the washcloths (Jeff and I dry our hands on separate washcloths now, both upstairs and down, and will maintain that after this pandemic lifts) and the kitchen rugs; watered the baby yoda plants; went for a walk and got my bloodwork done (which I should have done Monday, but there’s nothing like finding out you have brain damage to put a fucking crimp in your week, god knows how long the CT will take), and now, if Jeff feels like it, I’ll get him something takeoutish for supper. I want a burrito but he’s into something a little less gaseous.

Called Katie last night. She was so glad to hear from me, we had a nice chinwag. She may bring Alex on Sunday, depends on what he wants.

Paul called and wanted to go for a walk because it’s gorgeous, but I been already….

I guess I never felt this way

Well I’m never at a loss for something to say
but a strange thing happened to me today
I may know every word in the dictionary
but all of a sudden they are all very
inadequate to convey
what I want to say
and I guess I never felt this way
and I guess I never felt this way

Isn’t it romantic
isn’t it a thrill
just to watch you walking
just to catch a smile
Day and night I pray
for the perfect thing to say
and I guess I never felt this way
and I guess I never felt this way

Isn’t it romantic
isn’t it a joke
that I never feel things
like ordinary folk
let this be a lesson
for those who like to talk
you’d better keep your mouth shut
if you can’t walk the walk
Cause after all the hormones
after all the play
you gotta do the work
so the FUN won’t go away!

I know how I feel
but the words run astray
I can look at you now
and I can honestly say
that what I feel is true
and I mean it from today
and I guess I never felt this way
I guess I never felt this way

wrote this for a crush in Montréal, so 1995
The other thing that’s important about this song is that I yelled at the kids to leave me alone so I could write it and with sad little faces they brought me paper and a pencil so I could write the words down and did I feel like a shitheel. IT IS NO FUN TO LIVE WITH SOMEONE CREATIVE when they are in the throes and cranky with it. I’ve thanked them both for it since.