What, another lazy day

I continue to plug away at pre-posts on the blog. I am sleeping rather more and rather harder than I normally do, so maybe it’s a bug – not much sign of it – or maybe I’m just blue. I definitely feel better than I did at the beginning of the week.

Posted another fic on AO3. It was within 500 words of being finished so I polished and removed “wait, what?”s and added clarifications and removed extraneous words and synced up all the spellings and got rid of the britishisms and added the americanisms and shrank Dean’s spoken vocabulary (absolutely essential if you want the character voice to work properly) & ensured that you always knew who was speaking; now it’s sitting at 50 hits and 4 kudos. There’s character death in it so it’ll never be as popular as ‘le big one’.

tired now, think I’ll snooze


nice nap now  flower rolls

Housewife’s Lament

this is also copyright; most of the verses, with deletions and shifts for singability, are in rise up singing. Other versions of this have a traditional melody which is sung faster and is more cheerful. I personally think my melody supports the words better, but as is always the case your mileage may vary wildly from mine.

John and Paul and I used to stand together and sing this in three part harmony.

I really really miss John.