editing continues

I’ve been working quite hard on editing the best roommate in the world. I haven’t been practicing; since donating blood I feel quite devoid of energy; normally I get a sort of high after I donate, a burst of energy, and it really did not happen this time. I’ll donate once more when it’s appropriate and if I feel like this again I’ll stop entirely.

It’s a drag, but there you go.

I daren’t talk about lists; I don’t have the energy. I couldn’t even walk halfway through our usual walk at the Foreshore yesterday. We got to feed crows (I took the last of the peanuts, I’m not feeding crows here at the house anymore) and listened to a great blue heron arguing with a bald eagle (the noise was bloodcurdling) and got into a whistling contest with a small warbler, not identified. There’s always something at the Park.

In the meantime almost every day I get kudos for the stories I put on AO3 and that’s a little bit of validation that keeps me going. It’s never the same stories; people find one and then read all of them. Very satisfying.

With respect to the more public work, I really like Slider as a character. They’re fussy and weird and kind and gentle and I wish I knew them in real life. Same for Jesse obviously but Slider’s more of an accomplishment.

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