What a world

Gunshots at a MLB game; flooding in Germany so bad it looked like a tsunami came through the mountains; Myanmar in tatters as the junta ignores the populace and there’s no PPE or oxygen; Horgan the Organ ‘partners’ with Shell to make a climate change research institute less than two weeks after Lytton burns down; most of N SK is on fire; noted disability rights organizer kills herself in despair and the mainstream media interview her abuser as if there’s no evil connection between the two; Cheetos factory workers AREN’T ALLOWED TO STOP THE LINE when people die of heart attacks in the heat and are striking, so please don’t eat Frito-Lays or Pepsi products for the foreseeable future!; LAPD has today been firing ‘non-lethal’ rounds point blank into peaceful protesters; VPD is FINALLY investigating those two fucking pigs who arrested the Indigenous grandad and his granddaughter as they were about their legitimate business at a bank downtown; HARSHA WALIA WAS FORCED TO RESIGN FROM THE BCCLA i am SO FUCKING MAD ABOUT THIS the BCCLA will NEVER see another dime from me, they can kiss my ass, I can’t believe I marched in Pride with them witless mofos; and I got 700 karma points and my first Reddit gold and platinum for a comment I made about a women’s issue.

I’m still tired from the blood donation.


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Born when atmospheric carbon was 316 PPM. Settled on MST country since 1997. Parent, grandparent.

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