How is this news

So some witless mofo in Texas with three girls and one on the way in September was an antimasker and antivaxxer and he’s now dying in hospital.

Caleb Wallace COVIDIOT of note, isn’t dead yet but he likely will be soon and I really wish papers would stop running this story and all the ones like it.

He was a fucking idiot. Sorry he got sick, sorry he has RUINED THE LIFE of his children and wife; but he was a fucking idiot, and now he’s dying. Giving him press is kind to the wife, who has a GoFundMe to bury him and defray costs, but honestly, I wish the docs could tell them to wait in the hall until the people who got vaccinated OR COULDN’T BECAUSE THEY’RE IMMUNOSUPPRESSED get treated. Because I’m cruel and mean that way.

Burnaby is having a surge, thanks to rude young men.

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