kinda beat up

my left wrist and ribs under my left breast still hurt quite a bit but I’ve established that I can at least nap… rolling over takes about 30 seconds and is accompanied by sounds of me hissing like a snake

I was thinking of making one last stab at climbing Pkols tomorrow or the day after but I know I won’t be able to and I’m just disappointed in myself turning my ankle on the paved part of the pathway…. My foot slipped into the divot right next to the paved part and then I flung myself around so I wouldn’t go down the embankment and crushed my left hand under me. Paul was with me. I had the wind knocked out of me for about a minute and then slowly stood up with Paul’s help – a kindly stranger with a dog rushed to check on me which felt very comforting under the circumstances. And no, I shouldn’t have driven afterwards now that I think of it, but I just couldn’t deal with getting out of the car to mail Tom’s letter so I stuck him in the passenger seat. I think my reasoning is kinda weird sometimes.

the dance of the maggots

to be devoured in a place
where your mind has no purchase
inverse of a location

you find yourself here

the place goes away and the feeling
of it, a question mark in pyrotechnic smoke
most literal

there is a trope in screen delivered content
a figurecomestoyouinadreamandtellsyou
(by which I mean
whatever the plot device is)
is a lie

the movement of maggots is not proof of life
unless you’re speaking of the maggots
and only a corrupt culture
will sell that viewpoint to you

the ground shakes with
their nagging vicious drumbeats
so it looks as if the maggots dance in time

twisted my ankle and fell

at Foreshore Park; it was just before the car park and I now have what is probably a cracked rib and a sprained hand, as well as the usual assortment of roadrash. I am going to leave off going to the hospital just for the time being – unless I’m worse off than my current assessment, and plan to load up on painkillers. I was okay to drive. Finally mailed Tom’s letter. He has pneumonia.

the conformists

brO’s heading out to Timmy Ho’s (guess Katie had an effect) and soon COFFEE SHALL BE MINE. We don’t keep coffee beans in the house any more, because if you have coffee you need cream, and so on.

My list of stuff to take to Victoria is as long as my forearm and I still haven’t figured out which instrument(s) to take.

Much editing (and did it need it, what was I THINKING) on Best roommate in the world this morning.




Mike’s weekend got rearranged by something so that made me sadface. But it also means I can take my time packing. Now that everyone (except Alex) has been vaccinated, Katie and Alex and I are off to see the grands tomorrow. I can hardly wait. And I really should make sure that everything that’s migrated here goes back to them, lol.  7 am ferry here I come