Ow ow wow

This is Rachel Maddow really enjoying the ruling regarding the referral for sanctions and disbarment for the 9 Trump lawyers who tried to get the Michigan presidential vote overturned and Trump restored to power. This was among the most pleasant news items I have encountered recently and it’s worth watching, for the sheer glorious untrammelled schadenfreude it will unleash in you.

later that day, around 6 pm, I add this link – Capitol Police Sue Trump

F*** around and find out!!!! I am enjoying this part.

non stop cough

I am producing a teaspoon of respiratory tract mucus about every 3 – 5 minutes. My ribs still hurt, but I can cough without injuring myself further so that’s okay. My nose is running like a tap but I feel much better today than yesterday, that’s for sure, and I got some more sleep between 4 am and 8:30 am so I’m better rested. I have the right kind of cough medicine and I’m pushing fluids as fast as I can. Despite it all I don’t feel too bad. If this is a cold I AM SO SORRY I TOOK IT INTO YOUR HOUSE MOMMA.

Is it a cold? COVID? Allergies?

I am so congested! I started coughing last night and I am really glad that whatever this is I didn’t get it until a couple of days after I hurt myself.

Hand continues to improve. If I’m lying down and take a deep breath it no longer pains me but rolling over, standing up, sitting down, and bending over still hurt rather more than I think is fair.

Going walkies (locally) with Paul today after lunch.