of all the things

I’ve been locked out of my twitter account. I could rant at length about how unfair it is, but it’s like everything that’s free, every once in a while what was free becomes scarce, as when your murderer stands on your windpipe and the air that for so long was free becomes unavoidably rare.

It’ll probably be the best thing that ever happened to me. I know I’m not going back on Fehbook, so I guess this is the end of my foray into social media, except for AO3 and this site. Except of course, that there’s nothing social about this site; I provide content and you peruse it, and you don’t have to read ads or fend off bots while you’re here. I would love it if the people who read this blog would engage with it, but that’s not the audience I draw, and whining about it won’t change it.

Anyway, I said I wanted to slap the girl on reddit who didn’t want a 98 year old woman (this would be the only grandchild wedding reception she likely would ever attend) at her wedding reception because she didn’t want her at ‘her party’.

Since this woman posted anonymously on reddit I can’t have engaged in ‘targeted harassment’, but fine. If Jack don’t want me making free content for him anymore cool cool cool. If the only playing field I have a hope of levelling is the one I have to pay for, ainsi soit-il.

Dylan has been sued civilly for grooming a 12 year old girl about when I was that old.  What men get up to, when they get a chance.

I made fried chicken breast on a bun with onions lettuce tomatoes and cheese. It was nom.