I tried to practice but my left hand needs at minimum another couple of days before I can move it that precisely with any grip strength, but it’s obvious I’ll get it all back so I’m pleased.

Sternum/ribs still hurt like a mofo. I had a coughing fit after I got home and thought I’d pop a lung or otherwise do something stupid. Fortunately all the cough medicine I bought for COVID is still inside the expiry date, so I helped myself to the ‘dry cough’ version and immediately began to feel less like coughing, always a plus.


going home today

We went to the Butterfly House and the Country Bee House yesterday. At the Butterfly House Little E the parrot was three deep in Taiwanese uni students, as far as I could tell, so I didn’t get to love on him at all, but I had the great joy of telling a little girl that a tortoise had ‘broken out’ of the tortoise pen, and otherwise it was much as it usually is, and Alex enjoyed it. Alex enjoyed me imitating the goats and sheep at the Country Bee and we talked a bit about the animals and what they were eating.

Slept until about two, woke up not able to breathe, got up and brushed my teeth and drank some water and forced myself to lie down. Fought with sleep for about an hour I guess and then finally found a comfy enough position to go back to sleep.
My hand is much better today, but the ribs are sore and tight and I can neither bend nor twist, and there’s a hot patch, so I’m thinking I need to get a chest xray at the very least, which I’ll arrange when I get back.