I think I understand why those little girls were gawking at him. Usually you see babies in formal settings and you don’t get to see all of their little bodies except for a negligible reusable pool diaper (they go in the wash). So they were gawking because they normally didn’t get close to babies this close to being naked, and so tiny, and so obviously having a good time even though he was tiny (he’s seventeen pounds, you know — the size of a fat cat) and he’s just so robust and engaged now, it’s just remarkable how he looks at everything.

I get the really distinct feeling that he has a much better memory for faces than most babies his age. Did I rave like this about Alex? I was so worried about him for the first little while, and a little put out but not enough to be an asshole about how long it took for him to warm up to me. Ryker is definitely enlarging and augmenting my grandmotherly experiences, and Alex is every day a new kind of entertaining thought process or turn of phrase.

mOm I hope you understand that when Ryker sees you he will already know that you’re his relative. If he’s old enough to know from words that’s one thing but if he saw you now I think he’d recognize your bones and return your smile.

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