You think everything is fine tw family trouble

200 hits 16 kudos on the story I posted yesterday. Absolutely terrible ratio, and it was a good story, nice and long. Fuck the world sez I.

and I’m putting the rest of my vile and hateful whining and the good stuff too behind a cut

It turns out Paul did not say A SINGLE WORD to his housemates about euthanizing Ayesha. Keith is very attached to her and he just came home from work and Paul said O didn’t I tell you, ditto for Katie and Alex, who also was a little upset. Picture my ire that Paul gets hours and hours of emotional support from me and Jeff and doesn’t even bother to tell his kids, his roommates, and people who are entirely done with his shit. I almost put him on blast and then realized it’s not helpful. It’s kicking a man with cognitive problems, and even before he had cognitive problems he….. Anyway, this next sentence deleted because the internet’s forever.

I will be taking action on this, just not talking about it. I’m fucking infuriated.

he’s talking about driving to the states to get another cat just like he doesn’t need to consult his roommates AGAIN LIKE WHAT THE FUCK DUDE

One other comment; his blood pressure is wildly out of control, he was in hypertensive crisis the other day and TOLD ME THAT HE ALREADY HAD BP MEDS and isn’t taking them because his doctor ‘trusts him to take care of it with diet’. On the plus side I marched him to Walmart and got him a blood pressure gauge, same model as mine, and we calibrated. No longer in crisis but his blood pressure is still worryingly high.

I’m getting a haircut today. I enjoyed having long hair for the time I had it, but I want something more sculpted and less getting into the food.

I had a lovely time with Ryker and Alex and Suzanne and Katie at the pool yesterday. Katie picked me up and Suzanne dropped me off and Ryker LOVED THE POOL. Loved it loved it loved it. Loved the floating toys and the kids and the lights on the ceiling and he KICKED AND KICKED AND KICKED and smiled and fizzed and looked thoughtful and then smiled some more. Suzanne loves that baby so much. He’s none of her blood and you would never ever guess to see them together.  (oh, and Ryker was admired by a steady stream of (all girls, all under 6) kids who just went broody the instant they saw him.) Mostly I chased Alex around the ‘lazy river’ while he partied with his Samoan friends (awesome boys, and their dads were equally so) and at one point I kicked my foot and hit something hard with my toe. It’s not broken, because broken toes swell, and hurt like swears, but I’m gammy today and even CRABBIER N NORMALS.

Dave said that he didn’t think much of me going to a public swimming pool with the pandemic the way it is and yes it’s not wisest but I’m triple vaxxed and there are times my resentment of being locked in my house is too much. The ventilation is good in that building, ennywess.


Multiple calls in to Mike, no answer.  I hope he’s doing okay.


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