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  • I had the fiendish notion of calling any production company I ever start ‘R Schlock’ productions since it’s a pun for arschloch, which literally and figuratively means asshole in German
  • I’m starting to pool fluid in my ankles, oh joy
  • Jeff did the lawn, I trimmed around front where the grass is growing through the shrubs and got some of the grass that’s blown into the yard storage out of same
  • stinking hot day, the ac ran continuously until well after sunset, more of the same today
  • Breakfast at Foreshore yesterday, we were dining alone for most of it and they had the doors wide open
  • Obviously I should stop eating out and I will but damn that sausage is good
  • Shop this morning, out of milk and various other comestibles. If I go early enough the place is deserted. Need more N95 masks; you should only reuse them five or ten times and not if they get really sweaty. Maybe there will be tests as well although I doubt it
  • Hope to write today, yesterday I thought I didn’t do any but it was enough to send to mOm who was very happy to get it current count 32702
  • I’ll be seeing Terry today over at Planet Bachelor (I’m going to keep calling it that, I know Katie changed the name but I’m a stick in the mud). I’m supposed to remind Paul around noon. Terry’s going to cross the Rockies on a bicycle. I don’t know if he’s turned 70 yet but he’s no ‘landfowl of spring’. So you can think he’s a lunatic but I think it’s very cool and even cooler given that he’s long recovered from a hangman’s fracture acquired from a car-bike collision of some years back. Yup that man might have been a high quad but instead he’s challenging himself with a punishing regime of exercise
  • a woman’s in custody for stabbing a man in Yaletown yesterday
  • You have to wonder if the bad temper everyone is showing is a social or physical manifestation of the pandemic, or both
  • somebody is blasting through my fanfic again, (hullo fren, *alice’s reading list!*) picking only the ‘that Darn Cas’ series to read (which is the only series I wrote)
  • Elon Musk yelling at Donald Trump Sr on social media (for being old and broken) the week a censorious world finds out he has 9 count em 9 CHILDREN – most outside the confines of marriage (who cares but he comports himself like a moralist so fuck’im) – DURING a week when he basically howled about how white people are being erased is A LOOK I’m telling you, and not a good one
  • In some places in the US positivity rates are ten times what the hospitalization rate is, and some of them are NORTH OF 40% so please expect this surge to send hundreds of thousands of workers home and hundreds of thousands of tourists into airports they can’t get out of. DON’T FLY please. I beg ya (source Walgreens just as an aside the positivity rate in Texas is 45%, same source and we’ve got rellies travelling by air from there. They ain’t frail elderly but they may be when this is done. Saw a picture from YYZ this morning, travellers, half of them baresnouts, jammed together like Chinese New Year at Guangzhou South station
  • I have remembered HA that there was sourdough rye in the downstairs freezer thanks to Katie’s last Costco trip and I brought it upstairs.
  • Putin wants to be called ‘ruler’ instead of ‘president’ because president is an American term and ruler is more Russian. I GUESS Führer WAS TAKEN BOY HOWDY

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