trying to help

Well now, that was my first mistake LOL. Trying to help. Anyway I have to face up to the fact that my oldest kid is 36 this week. I heard a rumour he was going to quit his job but he might have been trolling his roommates.

Hopefully, a shop this morning, we are definitely OUT of things and I have no realemon for iced tea. Let’s see if Jeff’s thinking along similar lines.

27093 words. Still not back to Toronto, what do I have to do to make that happen? OH YES I SHOULD WRITE but will I. Very much enjoyed Dark Winds and Westworld yesterday.

Funniest thing happened when I was waiting for the taxi to go to Paul’s (Katie drove me home because she needed to do an errand and needed to leave Ryker (who made strange at me for the first time yesterday YAY DEVELOPMENTAL MILESTONES boo Grandma feels) in the car for a second); a hummingbird attacked every species of bird on the street neeeeYOW nnnneeeeeYOW buzzing them continuously until they flew away to get some peace. Hummingbirds be feisty.

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