what a day

Spoke to both of my former sisters-in-law regarding Paul’s medical situation. Lois had to call back and then we had quite the earflapping. Ruth was as smart and kind as I remember her. Terry, may he receive his recompense, had already told both of them what was going on, so they were not freaking out when I called.

Got Keith over here (for pay, expecting broke rellies to work for nothing is horky) to rip out as much of the deadly nightshade as possible (including the nightshade that was growing up into the air conditioner water outlet) while I mowed the lawn. Jeff, you need to buy some gas, cause all that’s left is in the lawnmower.

Got a splendidly indulgent supper delivered after a splendidly indulgent breakfast (I ordered two coffees just in case Keith wanted some later). SO MUCH FRUIT nom.

Tried to write. 2330 words.

Watched some more Sandman again.

I have a long list and no desire to do a damned thing about it

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