A much better day

Keith told me that he went shopping on foot with his nephew Ryker in the chest carrier and he most obligingly slept through it. I wish I had a picture but >snap< you’re just going to have to imagine it. Ryker is enormous for a 10 month old; his daddy’s over 6’4”.

I spoke to my mother on the phone TWICET and also to Tammy, Dave and Paul. I arranged to get Alex for Sunday/Monday. I got a load of laundry (the towels) washed dried and put away. I put down the other clean rug in the kitchen. I transferred handsoap out of the new container into the old one so Jeff has handsoap in the downstairs biffy. I bathed and washed my hair. I walked 1.5 km to the eyecare place, where I learned that Keith is still very fondly remembered by his coworkers. I learned that my eyes show no signs of disturbance from cholesterol, diabetes or high blood pressure; I was enjoined to keep my AIC under 7 and told to come back every year now. I brought a pair of glasses out of prescription and asked them to cut me new lenses and they gave me such a deal you have no idea. I was so happy at the end of the day I ordered steak and lobster again. I want to you to know mOm that I was thinking of you and our last conversation with every bite.

I send a very gentle hug and a wish for the best painkillers that money can buy for dear pOp who had much pain occasioned by the dentist yesterday. I send a very gentle and equally virtual hug to Peggy, who has COVID again and thus we will have no housefilk on Saturday alas.

I send a hug to Dave through all his ‘birthing a book’ efforts. I send a hug to Tammy and she knows why.

For the rest of my dear readers I extend my warm and compassionate wishes for the best day possible and to keep your chin up if you can. Maybe we won’t get better days in plural, but once in a while we’ll have a good day, like Ivan Denisovich.


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