Totally Boned 5165 words

advised Jeff of the rent increase amount – goes up in January.

Watched Dart

restrung the busted d string on the resonator. I will leave it for a couple of days before I try to tune it. It has a split bridge, which made restringing it more challenging than usual.

Advised Suzanne by email about the camera equipment.

Collected a lot of reddit karma points by liking Oysterhead (a band, actually a supergroup which still tours even though they only really ever did one album)

tossed some M&M lasagne in the oven for supper – it’s so tiny the two of us ate it all, so I am bordering on leftoverless!!! this will nevah do. Feel like making a trip to M&M today though, we’re out of their prepped meals and we do like their chickety-pie.

Stayed alive, staved off yucky feelings, made tea.

Since I don’t think I’m going back to bed I’m going to make coffee…. it’s 2 in the morning here.



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