coffee and toast

The day has commenced. My cognitive capacity has crashed. Doing my brain exercises the last two days has been horrifying – it’s like there’s a hole where my brain used to be.

Suzanne’s coming today.

I get my next booster shot for COVID this afternoon.

I did manage to wash and dry the towels, run a load of dishes, make tuna salad, work a tiny bit on Totally Boned, and watch some feetsball with Jeff. Had a sudden urge to call Katie just to hear her voice; she reported that Paul has safely returned and that things are well at her place (still no sign of a fridge with a functioning freezer though.)

Kim the landlady has been around a lot. She’s convinced that water damage is what is making the retaining wall next door sag. I don’t know…. Jeff says she wants us to talk to the the next door neighbour’s landlord and we are very leery of that. She dug out a lot of weeds from the dirt expanse known as the front lawn.

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