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Jim’s death has been publicly announced.

I have errands I simply must run today and no desire to leave the house.

Ordered Chinese food, not too much. It was quite tasty and I’m looking forward to having it for breakfast.

Brittney Griner has been freed from Russian imprisonment in an unknown location via prisoner swap for Viktor Bout, an arms dealer of very poor reputation.  Nothing about this prisoner swap is normal and candidly if someone told me that Russia would get such a high value prisoner (who will probably resume his killing ways) back I’d not have believed it. Terrell Jermaine Starr says this:

The lesson we need to take from Brittney Griner’s imprisonment and release is that the WNBA’s low pay puts their players at risk of being used for political gain by rogue states. Poor WNBA pay created a national security issue that didn’t need to be.

Watched a couple of football games yesterday. There were some really hard hits and even with the new concussion protocols I fear for the beans of the players.

No writing, not even a smidge. I feel upended and emptied and brain broken.

And yet I guess I had a good year on Reddit:

Graphic of a reddit snoo showing "You're in the top 1% of karma earners this year.

This just means I spent a lot of time on reddit, trying to be helpful, mostly to people younger than me.

Here’s my avatar but you can’t have my user name on reddit because it’s the one place on the internet I’m a real fucking asshole sometimes. (I got kicked off AITA for exactly that reason.)


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