Still exhausted from all the sturm und drang of the last couple of days, but things calmed down.

I have not yet met Sam and Oreo, the new cats at Junction, but it’s something I look forward to.

Ke Huy Kuan winning best supporting actor for his role in the candidly amazing “Everything Everywhere All At Once” is so well deserved I can’t say how much. He was a) a sophisticated actor (an actor playing an actor) b) a universe hopping battle ninja c) a henpecked husband and d) a fully realized human being. He was the spindle that movie whirled around. Crying and saying to his mother ‘Mom I won an Oscar’…. just amazing – hugging Harrison Ford, with whom he starred in his first important film, so many years ago…. I didn’t watch ‘The Big Show’ but I got a feed full of it this morning. Happy feelings.

I have lots of other thoughts about what’s going on in my world, but sometimes the inside voice is the one to use.