Finished Gettysburg

It is a long movie.

There is a reunification of the couple at the end, in this case two brothers on the Union side. That Zizek dude is ludicrous in some respects (I refer with awe to his belief structure, which is arcane) but he’s such an inventive and compelling film critic that he makes every other film critic I ever ran across look like a series of slurs designed to invoke a picture of someone unblessed with any powers of reason, rhetoric, charisma or observation.

My estimation of Tom Berenger went up – I didn’t remember his performance at all from the first time I watched it, but he obviously gets more dialogue in this version. Sheen’s performance, consistent and attention-worthy as it was, made Lee seem a lot more ‘dreamy’ as Jeff put it than was necessary and it might have been actor-sweat well spent to make that dreaminess more like complete mental and physical exhaustion after two solid years of war.

My mood is so much better today I am equating normalcy to giddiness. I have folded my laundry but I haven’t put it away.

Time to make phone calls.

pleasant times

Lovely indoor walk with Paul yesterday at Lougheed. He seems very beaten down and oppressed by his illness but cheered up for the walk. It always cheers folks up to eat, so we got some lo mai gai, which was particularly fine in comparison with previous outings, and there was a lone har gaw in there because they were out of enough lo mai gai to fulfil my order, and the hot and sour soup was as good as I ever remember it being there. We went to Cobb’s but I didn’t buy treats, just spongy crusty white bread which is my kryptonite for stuff I’m s’posed to lay off for my liver.

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