Alex just got a good night call from his parents

Which was very sweet.

I’ll be asking him to “lights out” in a few minutes. Also just learned what his email address is.

So many happy feels right now.

pOp’s recent surgery results are back and he’s going to be with us for a while longer. Which is good, because the Camaro will be coming back in a week, all fixed up thanks to Uncle Gary. There is definitely something to live for


Blond Alex plays Batle Cats just before bed.


Drunks are such a downer.

flattened 'report drunk driving sign' next to the backwards facing sedan that hit it.

Working on a letter to Auntie Mary. In a few minutes I’ll take my morning pills, wait until I no longer feel like throwing up (the pills are bitter as squill), and go get money to pay Suzanne with, for today is a day of enshinening.

A black kitten sits on the back of a unicorn stuffie with the label And lo, I saw a rider on a pale horse and the rider was death.

Finished S1 of Van Der Valk (the new series) – you can faintly hear the old theme song hiding in the new one! Yes Dave you were right to recommend it.