wordle in three, I will not be writing today and didn’t yesterday, Lumosity scores IN THE TANK, schlep this morning now that Jeff’s back, I’m going to update the master shopping list with the aisle numbers of the grocery store (eventually), one more load of laundry to do and then literally my only dirty clothes will be the ones I’m wearing, bedding all changed and comfy (slept admirably well last night)…

I gaze at the Three Piles Paper Cruft and sigh heavily. At least I know where my INCREDIBLY out of date will is. I have actually updated it. Keith never answered me about being my executor. I think I’ll ask Kate. Later. She said yes. She also told me she’s being renovicted, along with everyone else at Caspell Junction, by August of this year. Three months to find space in one of the worst rental markets in global history.

You can see my floor

This once in a lifetime viewing experience is my clean room

also my fingers, I took the photo with the computer. I still have about a day of work to decruft papers and get my granddad’s desk to Surface Zero.

Also…. silverfish et Tish’s last letter to me. I am abashed. Literally illegible now. Time to haul off to the hardware store and get diatomaceous earth.

Also…. today I am going to take a bunch of stuff to the thrift store. Perhaps I will be able to wheedle Jeff into going as well, although he usually needs a day to recover from getting home from the ferry. The drivers in this town are quite something…

Seriously thinking about going to the Trans Day of Visibility rally in Grandview Park tomorrow, but I also want to not go alone.