Another gorgeous day

I am probably falling prey to the pathetic fallacy, but GODDAMN is it easier to clean on a sunny day, or what.

My room enshinening continues. Didn’t get to the bedding yesterday but until the cobwebs are down and the floors are vacuumed/mopped clean and the rug shaken out it’s probably better to wait. Leftover everything for breakfast, and I still have coffee from yesterday. (Later…. damn that was a good cup of coffee. Once again, no cream, and I put about half a teaspoon of sugar in to soften that ‘sat in the carafe’ taste.)

Lumosity, one top five, Wordle in 4, no words on anything except social media and my blog.

Jeff’s visit proceeds apace. Printer(s?) working again at the fOlks’. Now, BREAKFAST I gots me a busy day. Buster is, of course, being much more affectionate than usual; I left my bedroom door open last night so he could come and go as he pleased but he came in around 2:45 and snuggled for a while. He got down when I asked him nicely so I could go make my breakfast, and about ten minutes ago I popped open the cat door. I said DOOR OPEN, DOOR OPEN, DOOR OPEN with him trotting along beside me and then ‘good boy’ after he sniffed the night air and poked his head out.

4 am and all’s well.