lovely afternoon filking

I am very happy about that today. Laundry continueth. I think Jeff’s gone downstairs to watch March Madness.

Today will be ACHOO.

Alder’s my fucking Kryptonite; I feel like my eyelids are sandpaper.

Finally finished Sinner season 3 (so now we’ve finished because we accidentally started on season 4). I appreciate Matt Bomer as an actor but as Jamie Burns he was the among the most detestable characters ever and when he deleted deleted I was very very happy.

My liver is still misbehaving (as evidenced by my output, sorry to be so blunt). I am trying to eat properly but I feel like I don’t want to eat at all unless it’s bad for me, a sad state of affairs. Started the day with tea and fibre bread and marmalade. Promptly upsidedowned the marmalade onto my dress. Changed clothes.