Alex birthday tomorrow

He will be nine. I love telling my mOm that her oldest great grandchild is nine.

I will be getting him Huggy Wuggy Merch. He takes an adult small now, zow. I told him it wouldn’t be right on his birthday.

I am communicating with my first ever boyfriend on facebook. The communications consist of:

Snarky posts

Liking the snarky posts

Sad posts about rock stars we used to love dying

Liking the sad posts

Duelling videos – I post one, he posts a chaser.

Cat pics

Dog pics

Capybara pics

Liking each other’s travel photos.


I am very happy about this. We’re exactly as friendly as I want to be, and we’ve probably cheered each other up many times with all the goofiness. I posted a video of an Amish guy in a trap doing chewies in a dirt parking lot, horse style …… he liked it, but JeriLynn felt sorry for the horse…. obviously I’m a terrible human being!

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