fic 3089 words, flowing like poop from a diaper, as in, way more easily than seems either fair or rational…. but of course when I’m writing incredibly sappy slow burn fics life is beautiful and I love unreeling the setup over a couple of chapters…. the pen just gives of itself.

letter to mOm written but not mailed

made a 75% whole wheat crust pizza with half store bought pizza sauce half storebought tomato pesto spag sauce (reduces the sugar content), mozzarella (half as much as last time, even I found the last one too much) onions olives and the very last rescuable bits of the sad tomatoes in crisper, and it was good although unlike the last time it stuck to the pan like a sonumabitch


letter to the BC Liberals this am

To whom it may concern;

I was appalled to see the ad the BC Liberals are running regarding the homeless in BC.

For your party to state that you will ‘protect’ citizens from homeless encampments when the BC Liberals’ failure to keep housing affordable, build more social housing and prevent Chinese oligarchs from using BC as a place to launder money are the major reasons homeless encampments currently exist in BC is so disingenuous, cruel and possibly evil that I am left hoping for your complete electoral destruction.

Given Whelpkinson’s gleekish performance and the entire gong show of not knowing which of your ‘candidates’ thinks abortion and contraception should be taken away from those nasty, nasty women who have nasty, nasty vaginas, it’s a good thing to wish for.

Also, congrats on formulating ads that are likely to repulse the young people you need to join your party if you’re to survive.

Fail soon,

Allegra Sloman


sludgy day

yesterday I trained Buster, did some laundry, ran the dishwasher, practiced all my instruments, worked on tunes some more, slept hard and well,
new fic 1323 words
La Niña year, so colder and snowier in parts and possibly not as rainy, we’ll see.
somebody tell Mary I said this on twitter

My ontie Mary sez: Olive oil and vinegar, but not when your scalp’s inflamed. The vinegar kills the glue that holds the nits to your hair, and the olive oil smothers the nymphs and adults. Nit comb afterward. Cheap, effective. Downside: Italians will want to eat you.

The unexpected postcard

I haven’t had enough
Can’t ask me to say when
Can’t ask me to resist
Won’t come my way again

It’s not that I am helpless
Nor that I am compelled
But that I have no words for
A way I’ve never felt

a long guitar and harmonica talking instrumental break

When you feel like you’re past hope
Past any chance for redemption
Perhaps some satisfaction
That life would get my vote
Then love comes into view
Like an unexpected postcard
Saying everything is beautiful
And soon you will be home.

fiddle on the last four lines, harmonica drops out

yes this is a destiel filk, tune exceeding dangerously sappy C&W, and it’s going along with the fic I’m working on. I am so cheesed with myself; I don’t want to leave the house, and there’s been a letter to pOp sitting there on the kitchen table for the last day. Also I’m supposed to make like lady bountiful to Paul, holed up in his motel. Tea, and beans, and whatnot.


A ratrunner is someone who drives around too fast late at night. Because of the orientation of my bedroom window – faces west – I’m listening to the ratrunners on Kingsway. Sometimes it’s a Kawasaki or similar, blasting down the hill at what sounds, from the wound up noise, like they’re doing about a ton and a bit. There are lots of crosswalks and the roadway isn’t straight, and it’s just a terrible idea.

Anyway, they were out last night, and they are usually worse on weekends.

Despite it all, I practiced good sleep hygiene. Instead of playing on my computer or brO’s phone, I did my evening routine and then slept. Woke up at 3 on the nose, so that’s 7 hours of sleep, and I only woke up to roll over and curse the ratrunners.

@see_starling on twitter made this over four years:


Looks like a sixer’s favourite blankee!

Another fic came into my mind almost as soon as the last one was done. This one will be about the quarantine, and snow.

And, from Cory Doctorow, and who knows where besides, Kate Bush as a bat in 1978:

and isn’t the costume the sweetest hoot I looked for 20 minutes on the internet for a photo credit and gave up, fuck you uncaring universe, I try to give credit but the internet has eaten the attribution just as surely as names wear off headstones



report of the day

I’m getting lovely feedback on the fanfic, it’s most restorative. 300 hits already.

Tom is still in hospital. I’m not at liberty to speak of his trials, but he can come to the phone and describe them, so it’s not currently critical. Peggy’s the only one allowed to visit.

Paul came home on Monday from Seattle and is now ensconced in the Motel. I will take him a care package in a day or two including tea and other whatnots – Keith is also tapped for same.

Jeff’s off to the chiropracter.


I have a new project idea, but it won’t involve recording Buster training. I have a piece of video now, and Buster doesn’t like being filmed, so….. sadly. No more training video idea. No idea where that lovely meme came from.



LOL, no source provided

excellent morning so far

finished the fanfic, just shy of 19K words, then went downstairs and completely reworked Standard of the Crow (Thorfinn’s song) for octave mandolin, since Otto yelled at me that he would do a much better job than Smokey. He was definitely right about that.

It amazes me how different the percussion guitar song Gelis and Nicholas sounds when it’s capo 4 and when it’s standard …. anyway, lots of writing, and a good practice, and now I have to force myself to eat something that isn’t tea or carbs, and I don wanna.

40 hits on the fanfic so far; final word count 20K

Spoke to Dave D and Tom L, and these days what a relief to actually interact with someone….

brief visit to doc

It’s actinic keratosis, and the fiddly bit is just the tendon underneath it. That’s that then. Next doc visit later this month.

Windy like a son of a gun, 85000 people without power along the south coast apparently.  The sun just came out briefly and if this forecast is accurate that’s the last we’ll see of it until Saturday!

Watched first half of Legend of Tomiris, and it’s incredibly cheesy and totally awesome, I’m loving it. We’ll watch the rest of it tomorrow.

visit from Alex

Jeff reports that during the visit Alex tried to get him to change the tv to Youtube and he got damned manipulative about it too. sigh

But we recorded things and added effects and laughed and laughed and recorded spooky stuff for Halloween. It’s not for sharing – it was just goofing around.


I live four blocks from him and see him reasonably often so you’d think that last half inch in height growth wouldn’t startle me so MUCH. It just makes him seem older than six. I can see people thinking he’s eight. He says he’s not the tallest kid in his class.

He asked for and received a cup of warm cocoa.

My bucket is fuller.

roast we must

I’ve gone back to feeling really sleepy, so I had a nap. Now I have to roast something that’s thawed in the fridge, and I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE MY SNUGGLY BED. up we go!

Wrote another letter to auntie Mary. Got video of Buster doing tricks. My cinematography is so awful it’s hard to tell.

Bro briefly demonstrates brO says hi! I don’t have his permission for this. So watch it while you can, I’m taking it down if he asks.

Later: the pork tenderloin was absolutely fantastic, the roast red potatoes with Himalayan pink salt, pepper and rosemary were excellent, the mushrooms and onions with a little bit of chicken-flavoured gravy powder were really tasty, and the half squash had to be used because the fridge is set too high and a portion of it froze. All in all I’d have been happy to pay sixteen bucks for that plate (seconds of course are the advantage of home cooking) in a restaurant and that’s nothing like what it cost – the squash was either very expensive or completely free, given that I grew it and had to pay a bomb just for the dirt.

The cold pork will go into whole wheat wraps – I’ll prep a bunch of salad veggies into the right configuration for wraps and we can browse our way through them tomorrow, or eat the leftover linguine.

Because of filming Buster, the laptop should live in the kitchen now. Sure feels weird to be writing when I’m not lying in bed. I’m also handwriting my letters out here during the period of time in the morning my computer doesn’t have wifi, a habit shifter facilitated by brO shutting off the spigot during the required ‘quiet time’.

Between having the computer out of the bedroom at night and no internet in the morning, I’ve been writing a fair amount.

My presbyopia finally shifted around so I grew into my reading glasses. Given what I paid for them I have to say it’s a relief.

Jeff spent part of the day working on busted small electronic things, an activity I heartily approve of, and even more so when I stand to benefit, since he was working on a timer he inherited from Granny, and as part of my review of habits, I need timers.

I should backup my laptop.


quick note

Yesterday was another lazy day but I managed two loads of laundry including the kitchen rugs ,,,,, why I even swept the floor, and I practiced. I wrote a tiny bit and then deleted everything I’d written yesterday.

Today I’m hoping to convince Jeff to do a small shopping expedition.

Watched a short documentary on Monty Python ‘in black and white’ on Netflix, which was quite enjoyable.

Waiting for the rain to stop to finish cleaning up the garden.