I was supposed to go out for dinner tonight but cried off.

Today I watched the Queen’s Speech YES SHE WENT TO THE TRIBALISM PLACE which for someone queen of mostly colonized countries that’s just fucking rich Lillibet. Also, the Queen was introduced by THE SCREECHIEST BOY CHOIR IN THE HISTORY OF ENGLAND honestly they were passing out helium.

We watched Die Hard and We’re No Angels, our standard Christmas fare, and ate leftovers and hot dogs.

Christmas morning 2018

I was up at 3am today
cause I can’t sleep for beans
we know the Timmy Ho’s is closed
so brO says coffee? hopefully
and I know what he means
We don’t have coffee every day
cause it should be a treat
he takes the turkey carcass out
and it’s cold outside
there’s a starry sky

and all I wish for you is what I wish for every one
something good to keep you busy
someplace warm when the day is done
We have told ourselves a story
When we tell it, it comes true
about a happy family
and in it there is me and you
We will tell the kids a story
when we tell it it comes true
though we don’t meet you who follow
we’ll be thinking about you

supper consisted of

roast turkey (the most succulent white meat I think I ever cooked) NO GRAVY GODDAMNIT the third best stuffing evar parsnips brussels sprouts taters and squash spinach salad with purple onion, mushrooms and bacon bits, apple pie, and other people provided cider and wine

Katie was having too much fun with her workmates to come. I WAS LIKE THAT WHEN I WUZ FORTY i have pics from this very deck.

Just watched The Merry Gentleman and very much enjoyed it.

Up at 2 down at 5

The weather has been crazy, but thanks to my beauteous Peggy I got rides to Lunch Bunch (Laura’s apartment IS A CHRISTMAS WONDERLAND minus the NON STOP MUSIC) and it was STUFFED WITH FOOD including the almond scones I brought which people did et and some people ha ha I saw you Michael had seconds.

Interesting conversations as always but we had to leave for osteofit class and who was there but SUE Sue was there and that was good.

Then we came home and I was supposed to go food shopping with Paul for tomorrow but the weather IS INSANE so we all stayed in and watched a movie called Still Life instead. I’ma get up early on a turkey hunt tomorrow and if my turkey hunt goes badly I’ll get a roast beest instead.

I’m laying off the dicking around on my laptop, my right forearm is super sore and it’s from jamming my arm up while computering.

brekky and words

Today I’m not going to worry about writing but about other things. Current count 7200.

Watched Venom last night and enjoyed about 3/4 of it. I find it interesting how much like sixers the Venom species is, in terms of how they can change their density and appearance, and also how very unlike. I’m liking how I structured them.

happy happy

I had a super busy day yesterday and am recuperating at the Aerie. The sunrise was so spectactular – a brilliant pink sunshower — like being visually submerged in a backdrop which was painted by Salvador Dali while high on acid and experimenting with previously unheard of pigments I really wish I hadn’t had to get so superlative … whatever anyway it’s all gone now, every last bit of it, into grey.

C’est la vie.

There was much of Alex, like a jack in the box boy, running running running, running with energy and freedom; learning to take turns in the face of his anxiety about lack of control; roaming through the exhibit and then finding favourites and rapid cycling through them. I was having too much fun with the exhibits and my eyes don’t move like they once did, picking kids out of shopping malls and cockroaches out of kitchens.

Let’s just say I can’t be alone with Alex in an environment like that.

Rewatched Annie Hall with a bunch of friends and realized why it’s a really fucked up but instructive movie but I’ll let go on that further and later. ALSO ate really good Chinese food. ALSO saunaed with friends; also ate popcorn; also had a successful side shop; also ate in the playroom of the Main and Terminal McDonalds which is a FUCKING WILD wild wild place. I never once felt at risk though, it was just like I don’t know, like the Cantina scene in Star Wars with many more children and far fewer intoxicants.

Many fat kisses to Katie and Alex for a lovely morning and the loudest fucking lunch I’ve survived in decades.


it’s a soft lustrous fabric with mohair in it


Zibeline, I love you and it’s all about you, all the honest things you are and all the wicked things you do, Zibeline the label says you must have special care, and if you’ll come into my life I follow instructions I swear

I could hear the song in my head instantly

emphasis is on the first syllable so you start off with a sort of cantering rhythm which I quite like.

Okay back to writing such gems as

“What’s the Army supposed to do about it? If they complain too loud, they’re exposed for wearing Dubé like a bug-eyed condom, and US citizens should get restless about renditions from the soil of century-long allies, even renditions of notorious shitheads such as yourself.”

Michel, I do so love you