Atheist cult!



Aaron Rabinowitz via PZ Myers


  1. The truth is complex and painful but intrinsically valuable, so help others learn it and help others suffer through it.
  2. Luck drives everything, so have as much empathy as you can for those who suffer and do wrong.
  3. Morality and value are still real, because experience is real and instills in us a variety of obligations that, when enacted, promote flourishing.
Atheist Cult Rules

Writing and errands and Alex

First, Alex, since that is of the most interest.

He is COVERED IN BANDAIDS. He’s managed to get owies on all kinds of places and so when we got in the pool yesterday (Canada Games) the one on his elbow started to hurt and he started to cry and then he SHUT DOWN. I watched him fall asleep. Clunk. Before that he was okay and having a good time.

According to Katie, who is blonde again, the pollen count in Vancouver two days ago was the highest since we started keeping track. This would correspond to me feeling unbelievably stupid – we went to the store and I was like a zombie, it was so bad Jeff commented. But tis my brain….

Wrote most of a chapter on Honey On The Moon over the last four days. Very happy about that. Count is 5577 currently.

Went for a walk with Paul at the Quay – sky very strange, much in the way of high cirrus and sunbows. They have been very common this spring; in my view the sky has changed.

It turns out Alzheimer’s is a prion disease after all.

Saw the doc, got my bloodwork. I included getting an MMR titre because I want to know if I’m actually immune to measles, things being the way they fucking well are and outbreaks happening all over the place including Vancouver. I’ll know soon how my liver enzymes are doing as well.

Took Paul to Brown’s for a mid afternoon meal.

Then home and then a very brief trip to the pool before Alex melted down.

I’m hoping to mostly dodge sitting like a lump on the internet today. I have plans! Osteofit and Lunch Bunch here I come.

thinking back

this time last year I had weird migraines and I’m wondering if the pollen has anything to do with this mildly dissociative feeling. I remember having almost no appetite, too,  also have a walloping nasty case of metatarsalgia and jesus fucknuts does it hurt when I like, put my left foot down and try to put weight on it. Then the pain stops, and you think miracolo but four steps later it’s OMG I CAN SWEAT THROUGH MY EYELIDS IN PAIN how novel, how artistic how I’M GOING TO GO LIE DOWN NOW.

The phone repair guy never showed up, the newb who entered the ticket cancelled it by backing out without checking a couple of boxes, which is — SUBOpTIMAL (insert audio of Kevin Sorbo yelling DISAPPOINTED in this location)

Yeah Jeff’s dealing with it, and other whacked out stuff that is happening across his demesne at the moment.



word count 772

I am so annoyed right now that an American Ph.D can’t tell the difference between presumptive and presumptuous and doesn’t know enough to check.

Cuffs is the name of the story I’m working on. It’s a play on words – you can’t put a sixer in cuffs no matter how hard you try, but that’s poor Lara’s task. Also, mammals cuff their youngsters when they’re being little mixers, and although the two siblings are the same age (okay, microseconds apart….) Lara is definitely the elder in this situation. Progress.


I went back to sleep…..

finally gave up and took Robax

I was in so much pain by suppertime that I took two Robax. I don’t know exactly where my consciousness went within about twenty minutes of taking those pills but that was at eight o’clock and it was 3:30 when I woke up, so go me.

Somebody I really like and admire on twitter is flaming out right now and I’m sad. Also, male single anarchists do not have any theories about how to include families in anarchism, so I’m a little fucking choked at male anarchists right now.




pulling my horns in

Once again feeling very ill at ease in my own body. A couple of days ago I was experiencing no pain and right now my back hurts so much I feel almost crazy with it.

Paul’s about to come over. It’s a soggyfoggy day in Burnaby so we’ll be mall walking, probably at Lougheed. We shall see.

I’ve written 4500 words in the last three days and I’m already sad with it because I can’t make it go the way I want, and I’m letting go of certain ideas and everything on the inside of my skull grates and hurts and slides around.

Calling the doc now to make an appointment to follow up on last fall’s bloodwork.



Later… Jeff and Paul and I walked at Lougheed and then had lunch at Chronic Tacos. SOOOOO GOOOOD.

2019 commitment to not being an ableist fleshwad

So I’m working through my Youtube videos and captioning them. Already done: my most popular effort, at 14.2K distinct views! How to Cut Up a Pineapple. Lemming’s Twofer, Neener Neener and Blasteez (my advertisement for laxative coughdrops which, as you can likely imagine, work as poorly as advertised).

I shall continue with the making my videos more accessible until they are all done.

Text of Phyllis’ obituary

CASPELL, Phyllis – Unexpectedly at her residence on Tuesday, March 12, 2019, Phyllis Caspell of London, in her 95th year. Dear mother of Paul Caspell (Allegra Sloman) of Burnaby, B.C., Ruth Caspell (John Suline) of Toronto, and Lois Schmidt (Robert) of Duchess, Alberta. Much loved grandmother of Keith, Kate, Jesse, Kaitlin, Jessica, Lindsay and Caileigh and great-grandmother of Ava, Meadow, Roman, and Alexander. Predeceased by her son John Caspell, parents Colin and Kathleen Palmer and brother Allan Palmer. Cremation has taken place. Friends will be received by the family on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 from 1-2 pm at St. Paul’s Cathedral, 472 Richmond Street, London, ON N6A 3E6, where the memorial service will take place at 2 pm. Interment in Woodland Cemetery, London. In memory of Phyllis, donations may be made to the St. Paul’s Cathedral Memorial Fund. Arrangements entrusted with A. MILLARD GEORGE FUNERAL HOME

I just watched the spire of Notre Dame fall on twitter


I’m crying. Why wouldn’t I be.

This is a fucking tragedy, and it was all triggered by workmen. I’ll bet anything there were safety shortcuts forced onto them by the construction management company.


later…. 52 acres of primeval oak forest was taken down for the pillars



brekky with Jeff and kids

Lovely IHOP breakfast this morning with Jeff and Keith and Katie. Katie got eyelash extensions and she looks amazeballs. I mean she’s a remarkably attractive woman, taking after her father’s people as she does, but it does wonderful things in a quite subtle way as she did not go for the FURRY BUSTERFLIES DONE LANDED ON MY HEID look.

I have a long list of domestic chores to get through today, and one is complete already, I may knock it off for the rest of the day in its honour.