thangs my mOm taught me

momsday 2019

Keith got a haircut, he looks like a movie star now. SRSLY. I am thrilled past words. He came over yestreen to catch up on Game of Thrones.

He and Katie bought me a weighted blanket for momsday and I’m thrilled about that toooo – it hasn’t arrived yet but everything takes longer in Canada.

Thinking of trying to talk Jeff into taking me out for a doughnut breakfast.


730 words yesterday on fanfic

Get enough sleep and it’s amazing

I am well rested, and in an hour or so will be off to the brekky place with Katie and possibly brO.

Mike’s at Trent’s ManCave™ finishing off the Mustang so he can get it back on the road. I was hoping to see him tomorrow but scuffed knuckles come first. He told me he bought a looper and now I’m mad chuffed to see it. His forearms were so sore they were in spasm the last time I saw him, poor guy.

Started watching the UK show Coroner, really liking it! the coroner/cop investigative team is very well done.

Some woman on reddit wants to know Am I The Asshole for breaking up with a man who admitted he had sex with sheep. My comment : How do you explain to a man with that kind of interior landscape that the real issue is not that he 3x interfered w/ sheep, (although “pick a gif for squick”), but that he doesn’t seem to understand the concept of informed consent, which would make any real life they had a mess.

If he was serious about never doing it again he shoulda kept his muttonhole shut.

I will try to work on Cuffs some more today but I need some kind of narrative hook that doesn’t involved 7 point fucking three billion dollars in money laundering. The fact that my novel has now collided with reality is fucking me up.

Was looking for a weapon from my Scythian heritage (the first blue eyed red heads!!!) and found this tasty store.

4800 words in one day

Which I can’t share, heavy sigh, although parts of it are quite hilarious.

Supposedly going to Victoria this weekend, I just… don’t want to move. Plus those fuckers at BC Ferries messed up the strakes on one of the Spirit class vessels and so the entire Van-Vic run is screwed up.

The scotch broom is blooming so my eyes are a scratchy mess of goo and debris.

I am not all right. I made the mistake of looking at job ads, and I can’t stop crying. Or maybe that’s my body trying to get the allergens out.

  1. I already applied to this job. They are going through candidates really fast. I don’t want to work there.
  2. I was going to apply to this job but they put something in the ad to make it obvious they want an attractive woman under 30.
  3. I was going to apply to this job but they said, “we treat people like family” and that’s FUCKING HORRIBLE under capitalism, financial and emotional exploitation no thanks
  4. This company is a known scam, I don’t even have to look it up.
  5. This company wants to pay the minimum wage to someone with 10 years’ experience.

I could go on.

But I won’t. I hate the fucking world right now, and it’s indifferent right back.

Rough couple of days

I gave blood on Saturday, forgot twice so far this week to take my vitamins, and have up until this morning felt like hammered shit, thanks for asking.

I’ve written 3k words of fanfic since 230 this morning and I wish I could share the title, since it’s the best one I’ve ever come up with in the entire time I’ve been writing.

Jeff is helping me with my taxes, for which I offer public thanks and immense private relief.

Now, laundry. My gumption machine has been broken, but I think I can actually get up and move now.



Just rewatched season one episode one of Get Smart

In the first 2:15 was more laugh out loud humour than I am used to in comedy shoes. Shows. I meant to type shows.

Singing with friends

We were all a bit late getting started; the housefilk ran from 8:30 to 12:00 with, for some part of the evening Katie and Alex, Peggy and Tom of course as hosts, Cindy, Tish, Terry, Paul and Mike.

We sang That Godforsaken Hellhole I Call Home, Death to Hamsters, lord above kept track of how many JoCo songs, the Steve Mac filk national anthem, ABSOLUTELY NO FISH, Never Set the Cat on Fire, Lady of Komarr, Dishing with Joyce, It Takes a Lot to Laugh (it takes a train to cry), Willie’s Diamond Joe, Lousy Copilot (original) Lousy Copilot (Cindy’s Stargate Atlantis filk of this), Alexios the Murder Hobo, Frobisher Bay, Mine is an Evil Laugh, one of the Skyrim themes, I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You.

etc etc

and closed with Some Other Planet by Joe Hall, who died April 3. YOU WILL LIVE ON BUDDY


Poor Alex’s daddy is so mentally upset right now, that he’s doing things like handing the kid back during his time and demanding more days per month with him at the same time. Katie is –– och, weel now. Best of daughters, best of mothers, I’ll leave it at that.

Brekky this morning with Katie and Alex and a tour around the beautiful track at New West HS.

Tish and Terry are here today

SO HAPPY. They are coming to the housefilk tonight and it will be merry merry meeting, I am sure.

Paul sounded really upset about how clean his apartment is (it’s fine, not like there’s sources of illness anywhere, I mean that aren’t as mobile as a pre schooler in day care) and I even helped him clean it a little — the kitchen, but there was no damned way I was cleaning another Caspell bathroom, fuck that noise and see previously noted comments dating back 15 years.

Mike is coming too, but he has no car and is really hating it. (Car lease was up.)

John’s been dead ten years.  Somedays he feels very far away, and other days his laugh, and his warmth and his fierce intelligence seem so close.

I memorialized him by talking about restorative justice at Lunch Bunch.

Osteofit KICKED MY ASS yeah!

Nobody who reads this cares, but I think I’m gonna write a subcategory of destiel fic called wingfic. I just have to figure out mah angle.

Atheist cult!



Aaron Rabinowitz via PZ Myers


  1. The truth is complex and painful but intrinsically valuable, so help others learn it and help others suffer through it.
  2. Luck drives everything, so have as much empathy as you can for those who suffer and do wrong.
  3. Morality and value are still real, because experience is real and instills in us a variety of obligations that, when enacted, promote flourishing.
Atheist Cult Rules

Writing and errands and Alex

First, Alex, since that is of the most interest.

He is COVERED IN BANDAIDS. He’s managed to get owies on all kinds of places and so when we got in the pool yesterday (Canada Games) the one on his elbow started to hurt and he started to cry and then he SHUT DOWN. I watched him fall asleep. Clunk. Before that he was okay and having a good time.

According to Katie, who is blonde again, the pollen count in Vancouver two days ago was the highest since we started keeping track. This would correspond to me feeling unbelievably stupid – we went to the store and I was like a zombie, it was so bad Jeff commented. But tis my brain….

Wrote most of a chapter on Honey On The Moon over the last four days. Very happy about that. Count is 5577 currently.

Went for a walk with Paul at the Quay – sky very strange, much in the way of high cirrus and sunbows. They have been very common this spring; in my view the sky has changed.

It turns out Alzheimer’s is a prion disease after all.

Saw the doc, got my bloodwork. I included getting an MMR titre because I want to know if I’m actually immune to measles, things being the way they fucking well are and outbreaks happening all over the place including Vancouver. I’ll know soon how my liver enzymes are doing as well.

Took Paul to Brown’s for a mid afternoon meal.

Then home and then a very brief trip to the pool before Alex melted down.

I’m hoping to mostly dodge sitting like a lump on the internet today. I have plans! Osteofit and Lunch Bunch here I come.