20,600 words and counting

Last night was the most fun I’ve had in so long that it’s just bizarre. Somebody I thought had no use for me treated me like a cool older sister all night in a myriad of subtle and unsubtle ways; somebody I know basically by reputation as a good person talked to me with the kind of amusing intelligence that makes my month, let alone my day, and I really liked everything I saw last night. Oh, and I talked to an award winning actress, who was older than me so I DIDN’T have to feel like I was the oldest person there. And that crowd wasn’t ageist ANYWAY; it was just crap I was carrying around with me until I’d been there for about 15 minutes. Continue reading 20,600 words and counting

a note from my MP

Dear Allegra, Thank you for your recent email about copyright legislation in Canada. Please be assured your views are valued as all emails received are read, considered and reported. I appreciate your input, which is vital to better understanding the concerns and issues of constituents in Burnaby-New Westminster.

I have been concerned about this direction of the former Liberal government and the current Conservative government to inhibit users’ rights. For that reason, I was the first MP to table petitions expressing this concern in Parliament. Continue reading a note from my MP

Mean-spirited, yes, but o so funny

Let’s just say that the OTHER comics were really funny. What I find entertaining most of all is that I made an effort (a small one) to you know, show up on time, write new material, and push my boundaries. Some of the folks I went through David Granirer’s course with have not written any significantly new material in a year. I write new material for every gig; it’s a damned good thing I’m only going out once a year, but it’s hard to claim you do standup if you sit around the house every night whinging about what a coward you are. Continue reading Mean-spirited, yes, but o so funny

Ball lightning in the lab

pOp has probably already seen this, but in case he hasn’t….

Ball lightning created in the lab in Brazil.

pOp has a wonderful story about watching a very large sphere of ball lightning travel right down the middle of the Argus he was flying in. He managed to control the urge to touch it, and considering it zorched a damned bit hole in the aircraft, that’s prob’ly a good thing.
Also, proof that the FSM is indeed in us all.

Look for the post entitled FSM DNA