Insufficient rest

nowhere close to enough sleep
2005-04-04— Posted by: allegra

I had a great time last night feeding the folks and playing Munchkin (I got whupped, and Keith drew the Divine Intervention Card so Liz won). Holy cow, sleep was evasive to say the least. I also had a couple of really weird dreams… I dreamed I was lying away and I could hear music in one ear, and I said to Paul “Can you hear the music?” before I realized both of us were asleep. And a horse tried to run me down.

Pimp My Ride is branching out into Pimp My Airplane. I’m not sure whether to file this under “Sign of the Apocalypse” or “The last gasp of the Oil Culture.”

Pic was taken from Fark… I thought it was cute, in an odd way.

Paul is all happy because having company made us clean the house.