The holiday is over

And this morning I head back in to work.

The spit yesterday at Giraffe in White Rock was delightful, as always, and food exquisite.

Spent the rest of the day reading Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell; was very happy when Stephen killed the fairy king. Man, I don’t think I’ve wanted to see an author kill a character more since Dunnett invented Gabriel. Absolutely LOVE the characters of Childermass and Vinculus. It will be Childermass that the actors fight over… of COURSE they are going to film it; the guy who wrote Dangerous Liaisons has been hired to write the script, which is a relief; at least the script will be literate.

Previews of Hitchhikers Guide say that it makes the Phantom Menace look like a film. Sigh.

I am trying to get in to work a bit early to clear email, so I’m outta here for now, more later….. oh, and to the DD fans, Brooke is already on book III of LC, having started (yup) BUYING them. I innocently asked her if she likes Vikings. This is a joke that only DD’ers will get.