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You’ve gotta be kidding
2005-04-27— Posted by: allegra


Yup. Somebody is sick, and I think it isn’t me this time.

enough sleep
2005-04-27— Posted by: allegra


Okay, sounds scary, right, support for separatism is growing? Skip to the bottom, where it reads

49 per cent favour another referendum, while 46 per cent oppose it

48 per cent said they were confident renewed federalism was possible, while 45 per cent said it was not. When asked whether a vote for sovereignty still meant that they wanted Quebec to be part of Canada, 56 per cent of respondents said yes while 40 per cent said no.

Based on interviews with 1,008 eligible Quebec voters conducted between April 21 and 24, the poll is considered accurate within 3.1 percentage points, 19 times out 20.

Okay, we can all go back to sleep. If it came to the vote, it would be close, but the separatists would still lose. The only way Quebec can separate this century is through a violent revolution, which means that the half of the army which is Quebecois would have to either side with the Queen or jump the fence. Which do you consider more likely? And if, once AGAIN, capital flees Quebec and the job sitch gets grim…. you get the picture. Quebeckers are proud and have an illustrious history, but they are just as practical as everybody else when somebody shouts into their wallets. They are angry now, but their anger will cool.

enough sleep
2005-04-27— Posted by: allegra

350 episodes…. amazing. Yes, I don’t have permission. No, I don’t care.

I am reading a book called Natural Capitalism. It is the single most hopeful book about the coming crisis I have ever read. Yes, it details, at some length, the crisis we are already in and looks at the potential for it getting worse. But it also proposes solutions, and LOTS of them. It’s a life changer, for sure.

Keith had his first real job interview yesterday. I could burst with pride. He’ll know in about a week.