enough sleep
2005-04-18— Posted by: allegra

Not much time as I am flying out the door to a meeting. Had a nice peaceful weekend… did a lot of laundry, pulled a lot of weeds, and watched Finding Neverland. Big Johnny Depp fans over here! Keith said “I can’t stand how long I have to wait for Pirates II” or words to that effect. And I cleaned off some of my junk from the hard drive.

2005-04-18— Posted by: allegra

Cousin Jim emails me that he’s had the damnedest dream. Herewith:

What’s that smell?

I had my first olfactory dream. There was the most god awful smell that almost woke me up. This was definitely a 10 on the Richter smell scale. It seemed to be seeping into the house past the outside door. Outside was a small, very dead and very smelly crocodile sort of melted on the ground outside the door. Don’t ask how I knew this but it had been in Ian’s freezer for some time. What do you do with something this foul? Put it in the car and take it to the dump? Bad idea. Double bag it and dump it in the creek where things can eat it? Not an attractive option either. Bury it in the back yard? I was leaning that way when I woke up.

A few days later in real life I mentioned this to a friend who grew up in Africa with missionary parents. She confirmed that dead croc was one of the foulest smells on Earth.

Ed. In future, if I reference crocodiles it may be with this in mind. Also, I have the benefit of being able to hear Jim’s voice in my head. He has the single most Canadian accent I have ever heard in my life; it’s Ottawa Valley mashed in with Coastal BC. (Okay, I lie. He takes second place to Trent, who has the best Canadian accent ever. I’d like to pay him to narrate something; his voice is unique).

When I hear Jim’s voice, I can hear … Gawwwwwd offle smell.

Wendy bird was here; she’d locked herself out of the house and she lives across the street from us now – about 6 doors across two streets, really. Not allowed to talk about Katie, but she’s okay. Keith is mowing the lawn. I’d better grub around a while.