some fave people

Pictured are a Badger, A Traffic Cone Fan, a Dr Filk and a Furry Socks, singing on the steps of the Musée.

I neglected to mention that I have a Unitarian Jihad name now. I am Sister Birch Rod of Sweet Reason. Tam Tam, bless her, is Sister Molotov Cocktail of Compassionate Togetherness. Please email me with your Unitarian Jihad name; I need cheering up. If you need help, think of a weapon or torture implement, and then think of a Unitarian virtue. Use either Sibling, Sister or Brother at the front and you’re done. There IS a name generator floating around the inertnet but it sucks, so I’m not posting it. You can borrow these if you like:

Sister Branks of Strawberry Socials; Brother Sai of Potluck Dinners; Brother Bunker Buster of Streamkeeping; Sister Iron Maiden of Consensus; and then of course if you bust open a Munchkin game, you’re ALL OVER weapons, like the Chainsaw of Bloody Dismemberment, Boots of Buttkicking, etc.

However, you could try Brother Nerve Disruptor of Silent Prayer; Sister Katana of Sister Phaser of Mediation; Sister Humvee of Playfulness; Brother FighterBomber of Earthwisdom; Sister Epee of Innate Worth; Brother ME109 of Balance; and I’m still trying to figure out how to work in some Ian M Banks names for space ships. Everytime I read the name “Frank Exchange of Views” or “Clear Air Turbulence” I crack up.


Check out …. Brother James passed this along. I think I will be joining this.

Talked to Liz

In the time it took me to get the camera, the dawn changed colour. Very annoying.

Tomorrow I go see the cardiologist. Today, I try to wring meaning from life because you already KNOW what the cardiologist is going to tell me. He’s either going to tell me to stop eating anything that makes life fun or he’s going to tell me I’m imagining things, possibly both.

Neglected to mention that I had a nice long chat with Liz the other day. Liz is my oldest friend from my long stint in London ON, and she and all of her clan are fine, except for the ones who need a slap upside the head to realign their neurons. We commiserated for a very long time over the death of the Pope (and anybody overhearing our conversation would have been calling 911 on the dangerous loonies) and then commiserated even longer on the joys of raising teenagers.

Liz, I will share with you what Jim A shared with me after I made a particularly ripe denunciation of Katie, about three years ago, at the lunch table at work. He said, All kids give an equal amount of trouble and heartache. Some do it all at once and get it over with… others spread it out over time. But in the end it’s all the same. I pass that along in case it helps at all. Time to stuff and shower.

I can’t find anything interesting on the internet. Who turned it off? I demand a recount. Okay, the stuff about nanotechnology on Specially the stuff about nanotech and the third world.