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How to avoid decisions
2005-04-14— Posted by: allegra


Man, I had no effing CLUE how many ways I could avoid making a decision! Next time something really tough comes up I’ll have a menu to choose from, and that makes me sincerely happy.

2005-04-14— Posted by: allegra

Wolfgang Droege, the Toronto-dwelling neo-Nazi, was shot to death yesterday. I am sorry he died before coming to an understanding and correction of his errors and felonious ways, but in other respects I concur with what the immortal Moms Mabley said upon hearing that Richard Nixon had gone to his reward. “Say nothing but good of the dead. He’s dead. Good.”

As I only have about another five minutes before I run to the bus, I think I’m going to do my ‘takeoff cycle’ and peruse my favourite sites, then skid out of here.

it’s official
2005-04-14— Posted by: allegra

There’s nothing wrong with me that quitting caffeine and losing 40 pounds wouldn’t fix. I promise faithfully that the next time I think there’s something wrong with me I’ll go for a walk instead of visiting my doctor.