Japanese War Tuba

2005-04-09— Posted by: allegra

I make no apologies for posting this picture.

In an earlier post, I mentioned a camel costume. Okay, what was he using the camel costume for????

The picture shown is of, not the dreaded Japanese War Tuba (just show me where to blow….) but an acoustic locator for aircraft. That’s the emperor and some other dude walking by it. I am indebted to Drew Curtis of Fark.com for posting the link that led me to this.

In other news, my dinner par-tay was a big success. Keith is not happy about the lack of Munchkin, but we sang and played. Since my mother will want to know, I will post the menu. Very rare roast beef. Butternut squash; carrots, potatoes and parsnips; green beans, salad provided by Peggy, garlic bread, beets with lemon juice and basil, rolls provided by Peggy. I scratch made two apple pies and tapioca for dessert. (Ben had seconds of tapioca, I was watching.)

We are going to turn the leftovers into soup, beautiful soup.

The sun just came out. I have to go out and pull weeds for a while. Or not.