many cute animals

2005-04-26— Posted by: allegra

Are you my mother?

This baby porcupine was recently born in Washington DC.

more mammals
2005-04-26— Posted by: allegra

This is a liger. Her name is Zita. She lives in Russia. She is actually still a kitten, but most of the kittens I know don’t eat $40 worth of horsemeat a day. Her parents didn’t know any better; they were young, they were foolish… it was the heat. Her daddy is an African lion and her mummy is a Bengalese tiger.

Insufficient cute animal pix
2005-04-26— Posted by: allegra

White Crowned Mangabey. Very rare.

enough sleep
2005-04-26— Posted by: allegra

Fabulous post by Juan Cole this morning. He incisively limns the difference between the MSM *mainstream media* which also sounds like Microsoft Messaging strangely enough, and Blogging. The pith of it – bloggers do it for love and the MSM does it for 15% profit. I recommend it.

Liz M phoned last night, demanding to know what was the meaning of this outrage. She grilled me unmercifully on why I had not commented on Papa Ratzi being a Hitler Youth as a lad. I answered that it hadn’t exactly been a secret, and that I had read what I could pro and con and made the judgement that it wasn’t exactly his idea, and he did get out as fast as he reasonably could, at some personal cost. John Paul II of course didn’t collaborate with the Nazis and worked with the resistance blah blah woof woof. But he was six years older, and that does make a difference in wartime. So I’m not going to judge him on what “Eggs” Benedict did when he was fourteen. God’s judgment awaits him for fomenting hatred towards women and homosexuals.

Read in Danny Schechter’s newsblog that some Palestinian at a news oriented gathering opined that Ratzinger sounded like a Jewish name. Read the blog for the waspish comment made in response to this idiocy by an Arab female journo.

Liz further opined that she had never seen anything like the three leaders of the parties wearing Sikh head coverings. My response was quite ungallant; I said that of course the networks only showed the head coverings; showing the knee pads really would have made trouble. The three leaders judge, correctly in my opinion, that they have nothing to lose by wearing the head covering in front of the media; they will please more Sikh voters than they will cheese off pink racists. It’s all a numbers game. Who votes? Why do they vote? And immigrants vote, folks. Well, it’s 6:46 in the am and Katie wants the computer. That’s never a good sign. Bye!!!

In Canada?
2005-04-26— Posted by: allegra

I defy anybody reading this to picture this happening in Canada. And I ask you to picture what would happen to the judge, and who would show up on the courthouse steps to protest.

Along similar lines, we were sitting around the table the other night, and we came up with the slogan (and we’re JOKING, oKAY?) “Marc Emery for Prime Minister…. because we KNOW what he’s been smokin’!”

I actually know Marc Emery from when we were both involved in the Freedom Party, many many years before he became a marijuana activist, and before I realized that I had run out of ‘wings’ (you know, right, left) and became the world’s most lame ass anarchist. (Sheesh, I should forward Brother James’ email to me, he shellacked me on the subject!!!).

I haven’t spoken to Marc in years, but I always liked him, even if he was an enormous publicity hound. (Okay, I thought he was cute, too).

Oh, and that marijuana stuff is just a smoke screen. Marc is a libertarian, as are most of his cohorts in the party. Get him going on gun control or prostitution sometime, but stand well clear and keep the tape running….