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Brother Jerome held a Wii party last night. I mopped the floor with him bowling – the only game I played. Then I had a very satisfactory evening drinking a few beers (Paul found more Lion Winter Ale!), talking to Cam and Yoni (and getting Yoni’s version of Cam’s proposal after I admired her tasteful emerald engagement ring), and watching Margaret, Paul, Keith and Jerome go Rabbid and play golf. The avatar construction was the most fun of all. I wish I had a screen cap of mine. Keith’s looks like a, uh, chemically challenged Weird Al Yankovic.

It was probably too soon for Keith to be out flailing around – he had all four wisdom teeth pulled out on Friday, for gosh sakes – but man, it was nice to see him not thinking about the pain and swelling for a while. He kept some of the teeth, and they are quite impressive. Dr Rondeau actually called him on Saturday to check up on him! Keith, of course, is following the aftercare instructions scrupulously.

Kate is home asleep. There was some kind of emotional upheaval yesterday that got really ugly… details thankfully not available. She claims to be done with Daxus again, but I am past the point of believing it. The lure of his – whatever the hell it is that has such a zombie hold on her – and his family, of whom Katie is inordinately fond – will probably resurface. At last report he was making noises about coming up here. I have to say, Dr. Filk will be disgusted if he shows up when he’s not around to give Dax the welcome he may hastily prepare; Dr. Filk is on the island for the weekend.

Today, more dejunking (we got banker boxes and shredder yesterday) and I’ll be heading over to Tom and Peggy’s to catch a lift to church shortly.

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