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I have blogged at other times about pornography, and have mentioned in my self description that I am a pro porn feminist. Last night I had the opportunity to view some Czech ‘home-made’ porn from a co-op swingers club where the members raise money for the club by selling home made porn (made on-site), which seems quite amusingly recursive.

The amateur videographer (who at one point nearly dropped the camera fetching tissues for ‘the talent’, which caused me to burst out laughing) wandered around the club, where people in various states of déshabillé were drinking, smoking cigarettes, having sex, talking, and occasionally glaring at the camera. Guys would try to peel the towels off their girlfriends/wives and the women would either show themselves off with smirks or coyly rewrap themselves while shaking their heads. On more than one occasion, the videographer followed a really hot naked woman along a corridor, only to have a door slammed in his face. There were also interesting shots of women all curled up on a sofa together having a really intense chat and completely ignoring the camera. In other words, it was cinema verité, big time. No subtitles? No problem.

The single most indefatigable guy (what IS it with this trope? it’s quite funny) was A DEAD RINGER FOR R. CRUMB (incl. bottle thick hideous glasses)…… And covered in jangly bling, so every time he did anything he sounded like a coach and four going by. The second best thing, and I admit this is kinda odd to admit in public, but I am a big fan of breasts which have not been surgically altered, and there were plennnnty of those to go around. It’s one of the reasons why I like classic 70’s porn more than the crap we’re getting nowadays. And the fact that it was obvious that nobody was being filmed without consent was really appreciated. Quite frankly, it was the hottest thing I’ve seen in ages, and the fact that it had the production values of a Youtube video shot in a dorm room was really no problem. They had really cool europop running as a soundtrack too.

As my friend said, “Damn. Why do I never get invited to parties like that?”

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