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  1. Maybe I’ll print this and read it to Jim as a bed-time story! It integrates the two things men seem to like most (sex and cars). I guess this by the amount of discussion and window shopping men seem to do in these two areas!

  2. Guess what two things this girl hates the most in this world — being cold and looking at cars. Guess where Jim likes to take me when it’s -40 to -50C and the wind is howling? If you guessed to various car lots (BMW, Acura, Honda, etc.) around town when they are closed, you are right. Why do men do this? I asked Spence (my ex) this very question and he said “It’s a guy thing, you’ll never understand it as long as you live.” Does anyone have a better explanation or is the female brain incapable of comprehending what drives a man to do this?

  3. I hate it when men say that. For me it was “Guys play hurt.” WHAT?? I pushed for an explanation of this – having observed the truth of it, I had to understand WHY guys play hurt when women have more sense. The answer – “It’s a guy thing.” And I too am left with not understanding it, perhaps as long as I live. Working through pain when you should be getting an angioplasty?? Maybe guys don’t WANT to live longer than women.

  4. Maybe women are smarter than men OR women are not as smart as men because they don’t understand “It’s a guy thing?” Any guys out there like to take a stab at this?? OR maybe it’s a secret and you don’t want us to know!!

  5. ACH, mom, how many times I gots telling you?

    It’s a reproductive fitness thing. Women don’t generally play hurt because they don’t want to get preggers when they’re under the weather. Men play hurt because they can be f=cking dying and still get off one ‘lucky shot’ which will allow them to perpetuate their genes. It’s completely, toaaatally hardwired.

    As for cars, ANYTHING that improves a man’s reproductive fitness comes under the umbrella of “it’s my baby”. Bronze Age war gear, horses, stud animals, tools, you freaking name it. Will they stand out in the snow to look at them? You betcha. Cars are an extension of your ability to find and either seduce or maintain a female. It’s a very very real ability and many men have attested to me personally that you HAVE to have a car if you want a high quality female in this culture.

    Maybe I sound like a sexist clowndog, but that’s my take on it.

  6. Ok, but how does Jim forcing me to stand out in the cold, blistery weather to look at friggin’ high end cars, help him maintain this high quality female? I get so mad, I want to kill him, not let him have sex with me.

  7. Thank you Allegra et al for the very instructional on-line class today. I learned a lot. I’ve had further thoughts on the subject but will keep them to myself for now, i.e. I’ll be a good girl!

  8. Debbie, you intrigue me – so I hope you won’t keep those thoughts to yourself forever.

  9. OK, Nautilus3. It’s just that if men are doing all this stuff to keep up their masculinity and attractiveness to the opposite sex … and if a woman’s criteria don’t include the guy having the coolest car, but something different than that … they might be attracting the attention of more men than women. This I find ironic — at least some of the hardwiring in a man’s brain is working against him wouldn’t you think!

  10. Also, Nautilus3. You are welcome to ask Allegra for my e-mail address if you would like to discuss this issue at further length. I actually have a new hypothesis (after further thought on the subject) and I think I’m getting closer to understanding it. I feel guilty sometimes that I’m taking up too many entries on Allegra’s comment roll.

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