a surfeit of lampreys

I hear via Dr Filk that he and his cousin Jim found a pregnant Morrison Creek Lamprey in one of the smolt traps.  As this is a very rare critter it’s good to know they are breeding.  I went to Lampreyland (see blogroll) for pics and was disappointed.  (Lower lip comes out and trembles.)  So get on it Jim!


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3 thoughts on “a surfeit of lampreys”

  1. And who was it died of a surfeit of lampreys? Not really a surfeit just yet, must one pregnant lady lamprey. And they’re not really ATTRACTIVE creatures, are they. Rather like Moray eels in their ability to evoke fear and revulsion. Some sort of instinct, perhaps, like the fear and revulsion so many people feel (entirely inappropriately in my view) of snakes…speaking of which, how about the nine foot rattler from Cousin Gerald?

  2. I don’t like to hear about any creatures getting on the endangered species list. No they’re not pretty, especially the close up of their mouths. However, they’re maybe a little more attractive than an eel.

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