6 thoughts on “Brayden’s face says it all.”

  1. Ok, this is the 3rd picture I’ve seen of Brayden. Now, I know it’s not my imagination. Brayden bears a very strong family resemblence to you Allegra!

  2. He’s my cousin. Actually he’s my second cousin once removed Gerald’s first grandbaby, so there. My nickname for him is Peanut.

  3. Not to be picky, BUT Gerald is pOp’s first cousin, therefore your first cousin once removed; Brayden’s mother (Gerald’s daughter) is your second cousin therefore Brayden is your second cousin once removed. I do realize that I am the only person on earth to whom this precision matters, and I do realize that people leave the room when I try to explain relationships, but there it is – my destiny is to be boring. Heavy sigh.

  4. It’s OK Nautilus3. I like to keep in touch with my roots, but I get all confused about the exact position once I get past first cousins. My Mom, however, is an expert on the subject and always in on making plans for family reunions. When one of my mom’s uncles was progressing with cancer, all the ladies of my Mom’s generation got together and planned a Brennan reunion in Orillia. My daughter (the model) was being pursued by two different boys and was getting quite upset so she turned to one of the boys and said “Hey, this is a family reunion so wouldn’t that make me your cousin!!” Apparently not, he was adopted (which I confirmed with the elders). Oh, and by the way, this family history stuff is fascinating and were making steps in our family to get in all down on paper before the ones in the know pass away.

  5. I left it too long to do much interviewing of those of older generations so depend on the memories of my generation, and on what those older generations wrote – thankfully, quite a lot.
    May I recommend using genealogy software to “get it all down on paper?” I had an email a couple of days ago from a total stranger who thought she was my cousin, and I looked her up and sure enough, her husband is my fourth cousin. My software has a utility whereby I enter my name and someone else’s name and press the right key and it gives the precise relationship. You can’t do that with paper family trees, nor can you print out reports from ANY perspective. If this interests you, get back to me email.

  6. So, Brayden’s parents are related to each other (and if so what are they to each other)? Or Brayden’s parents are both related to Allegra, but not each other. Yeah, I would like to hear more about this genealogy software. Could make an interesting project! I have an e-mail in my draft folder I am working on for you. I went into finish it one day and inadvertantly sent a draft version of an e-mail to my friend Andre that I had already completed and mailed a week before — I literally hit the wrong keys. At that, I realized I am not having a good day; brain fog is way too heavy and I’m a danger to myself and others!!

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