Keith gets mugged, but it all works out OK

Yeah, there’s a sentence I didn’t think I’d ever type.  Keith opened the door for me this morning and there he was with a picturesque and bloody bandage on his chin.  I said, what happened, and he said, with a big smile, I got mugged.

He got off work and three guys jumped him.  I asked him if he gave a good account of himself and he said no, and I scolded him.  All those bloody years of karate…

Anyway, they stole his lime green shirt, the one that was so ugly it caused a mutiny, his work ID, and his extremely expensive dress shoes that I got him for work.

He got two blows to the chin and his glasses fell off (but were recovered), but he didn’t fall over or lose any teeth. He seemed to find it quite bracing.  Honest to god.

So he went in to work and found out that his muggers, on opening up the bag and finding nothing in there but evidence that Keith, unlike them, had the wherewithal to get a job, had tossed his packsack in a dumpster, where it was recovered by an angel in human form named Mike, who promptly walked it back to Metrotown and had the pleasure of reuniting Keith with it in person.  Keith lost nothing in the encounter, to hear him tell the story.

Today I cleaned and went to Metrotown and bought myself shoes and then met up with Katie.  Not a single effing thing that I was looking for in HMV was there, berloody useless store, but Katie spent 100 bucks on herself, and then we went to Spiderman 3, and then we all went our separate ways home but we’re going to get together later this week to see Hot Fuzz.  


The end.  Kids, I tellink you.

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4 thoughts on “Keith gets mugged, but it all works out OK”

  1. I have been amazed ever since Jenn was born and I started to be around small children (boys and girls), how much little boys act like young men and girls like young women! Jenn was blessed with an array of toys, but she had no interest in trucks and went straight for the dolls. And so it goes, and now young Keith is acting like a young man — it’s in the DNA. Probably looks at the whole incident as something like a merit badge for being male!

  2. An’ I played right into it, scolding him for not returning fire! I am a sexist sow.

  3. I’m sure just being able to tell the tale of how he got mugged is enough for Keith. I’m glad Keith didn’t fight back, it could have uped the anty and he might have taken a much worse beating. It’s good he had the common sense to know he was outnumbered! Can’t blame you for wanting to cash in on those Karate lessons. After all, you were probably hoping they would come in handy if he had to defend himself one day.

  4. Allegra, I really have to thank you for your subject header for this entry. I freaked out and freaked IN again – is there such a thing? – all in one breath. I will know how I feel about all this once I have talked to Keith in person. Right now I don’t know but Debbie’s input has provided a practical direction for my dithering. Thanks, Debbie!

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