Augur Inn redux redux

Paint, clean, scrape, remove silicone seal (2.5 hours worth on that alone.).  Other people in the family are breaking up too, I light a candle for them (you know who you are, and I needn’t comment).  I worked from 9:30 until 4:30 with an hour break.
I was hoping to see a movie with Keith tonight but it turned into a mob scene.  I’m going to go home and have a home cooked meal and a hot bath.
My internet at home died.  Telus pointed at Microsoft, Microsoft pointed at HP, and everybody had a great attitude and answered promptly and the fucking thing still doesn’t work.  I will try to get it running from home, and if I don’t, I’m going to take it as a sign from the gods and just take it back to the place of purchase for refund or exchange.  Mike says London Drugs will actually fix it.  We’ll see.
Vista bites.  This line deleted on advice of counsel.  As for the rest of you, make a system backup disk the second you unpack anything with Vista on it, I guarantee you’ll need it.

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3 thoughts on “Augur Inn redux redux”

  1. I guess that whole Mac tech support question is not a good thing to bring up right now? Snerk. Four years I’ve had this laptop. Not one tech support issue… I’m a bad person, I know… Hope all gets resolved in a timely fashion.

  2. Macs are overpriced closed architecture boxes that aren’t good for anything but word processing and accessing the internet. Snerk. Have had a pc laptop now for 5 years, no problems. Everything that I have read about vista from knowledgeable commentators indicates that it should be avoided.
    I assume that you tried rebooting (I know, 10 times at least), with the laptop off removing the internet card and replacing it then booting again. It is sometimes handy to have more than one computer so that you can check if the problem is with the computer or the actual internet connection. Good luck and good night.

  3. Allegra, I’d say take it back. You shouldn’t be having this much trouble with a new computer — I’d take it as a bad sign. I’m still a fan of Dell products — excellent warranty, 24-hour technical support and technicians on call. Luckily, with Spence’s know-how from his second career (after aircraft maintenance engineer, he got his certification on computers), we have managed to crawl through the years holding together and reviving one computer after another until they were finally toast. Did I mention, how painful this was — the backups I meant to make, the over-the-internet purchases of software lost, the down time, etc.!! I am now on my 3rd year with my Dell desktop (this is a record for me) and Jenn is coming up on 2 years with her laptop. The latter is more impressive as Jenn has her Dad’s lack of patience and “issues with anger management” and tends to start pushing every button at lightning speed — I call them the hands of destruction. Jim used to bail Jenn out on a daily basis when she was still home. The moral of this story, I don’t have to be a genius with computers, and I don’t have to wait on Spence or Jim to get me up and running. Oh, and though, I’m still no whiz at this stuff, I feel empowered because I can fix the problem when I want (with a phone call). Does anyone know what happened to Stephen in the Dell commercials, he was great? As far as Vista, I’m keeping my distance until it goes through many, many different revisions and I start to hear good things from my friends.

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