I am re-reading Doris Lessing’s excellent “love, again”.

I dropped over 3 bills in IKEA last night but I now have enough chairs, ice cube trays, cutlery,  also a shower curtain, plates, bowls, serving tray, bathmat, 3 lamps, oven mitts, etc ….  and I did it all in less than two hours door to door.  I still want a footstool.  The living room is (except for the box carcasses) pretty much as it will be – but I still need a TV stand – and a TV.  I’m looking at the deals at  I don’t think I want a refurb.

I picked up my first piece of mail, patronized two local establishments (small grocery and the optician, where I got the broken nose pieces on my glasses replaced for 5 bucks), collected my phone books, and shoved stuff around.

I wonder what horrors await at work this morning.  There is an all staff meeting.  They’ve already announced layoffs – I am not currently affected.  I know that what they are doing makes sense for the organization, but I’m heartsick nonetheless.

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