Fridge contents

Are now milk, orange juice, one burrito and 13 beers (please note, the beers are preparatory for beers on Friday at my place – I hadn’t actually planned to consume them all). Cleaned Dr. Filk’s old apartment last night for two hours. Paul gave me a lift and helped haul groceries, which I appreciate.

Dan P and Dan T were both there working. For those of you familiar with ‘the dungeon’ most of the upholstered walls are now gone.

I actually ate a healthy breakfast this morning! Organic crunchy peanut butter and organic whole wheat bread.

Seared catfish at the work cafeteria today. That new cook is something else. I love the work cafeteria. They don’t even blink if I’m into them for $75 (and they know I’m good for it.)

First call on the new phone line last night, to the folks. Thanks much for the material and moral support, ’tis appreciated. You will be amused to note, after our conversation, that the first living thing I saw this morning that wasn’t human was a coyote, a young one, trotting along the edge of the parking lot south of my apartment.

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6 thoughts on “Fridge contents”

  1. Glad to hear the move went smoothly. Let the unpacking begin! Let me know when, I show up.

  2. Tonight’s good! I should be home around 5:30…..I’ll feed you if you come by. Otherwise Sunday afternoon, although I prefer not to dig into your weekends!!!

  3. Loki attends you! Your coyote is an avatar of the Navajo coyote god of mischief, sibling to Loki. This is good.

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