Good news and bad news and the Augur Inn report

The good news is I’m down six pounds since the beginning of May. The bad news is I still don’t have a proper editing toolbar in WordPress. However, Rob of Nine, being the kind of guy he is, has offered to come assist me next Friday. I decided it was an excuse for a party, so I’m throwing a tech support party next Friday after work. Tomorrow I go see Lindsay’s band at the Rowing Club, and I may end up sleeping on Patricia’s floor; personally I’m more inclined to go crash at home, seeing as how it’s one bus ride from her place! There’s even a night bus.

This evening I communed for three hours straight with the downstairs cleaning in Dr. Filk’s old place. I’m ALMOST done the kitchen. Still have to do one last wipe down of the counters, but everything else is clean.  Also I vacuumed in his old bedroom – again – as there was debris on the carpets from where Paul put in new plugs. That room looks amazing now – Paul also put back the wooden louvred doors – all in all it looks a most attractive room. One more wipe down of the windows and it should be good to show. Also damp mopped and put floor polish on the downstairs bathroom and got the last boxes and a cat carrier out of the dungeon storage room. It’s getting there. The real estate agent will be in early next week.

I light a candle for my boss. I like him personally and professionally, and to be wholly professional… I shall say no more.

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5 thoughts on “Good news and bad news and the Augur Inn report”

  1. 8 years and one particularly destructive cat (four cats in total over the years, one dead, one missing and two that moved with him to Victoria). He did clean from time to time – he bought a vacuum cleaner because he didn’t consider the central vac strong enough – but he certainly never got down on his hands and knees to scrub anything. And if he ever cleaned out his cupboards or the stove top or oven, it didn’t show. However, I can’t complain. My apartment looks like a bomb hit it right now.

  2. Good to hear that you have shed a few pounds. I am down 5 lbs. in the past 2 weeks. Finally managed to figure out how to lose weight. Don’t eat anything. Words fail me to describe how jealous I am of people who are naturally slender. Don’t say that your apt. looks like a bomb hit it, say that it has an interesting texture, it works for me.

  3. Well Loki. I’m one of those people who is naturally slender. However, when I was sick and spent 3 years virtually bedridden, I put on some unwanted weight for the first time in my life. So, I thought to myself, I’m burning less calories, eat less calories — it makes sense, right! Here’s the trouble, it didn’t turn out the way I hoped — I had to do the dreaded exercises after all to tighten up the ABS, etc.

    Allegra, 8 years of dirt — no wonder you’re working so hard!!

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